NCHS Mustangs

Zach Hawley

All The Answers To Those Burning Questions

Everyone's First Questions

Are You Going to College?

I have been accepted and will be attending Casper College starting this fall.

What Will You Study?

My major will be Psychology, and I eventually want to specialize in Sports Psychology.

Will You Live On Campus?

I will be living in the dorms. Talking to the coaches and Nathan, living in the dorms will make it easier to be a part of the team and develop team chemistry.

Gonna be a T-Bird

Ready to Be A Thunderbird

I have signed to play soccer next season for Coach McArthur and the Casper College Thunderbirds. I am really looking forward to the challenge of playing at the next level.
Sloans's General Store

What Will I Do With My Summer?

I am planning on working at Sloans General Store at Alcova this summer.
Colege Life

What Are You Looking Forward To At College?

I am looking forward to living on campus, the comraderie with teammates, and enjoying the campus life experience. I am also obviously excited for the season and training to start in August.
Sloans's General Store

Will it be challenging to manage Soccer and classes?

I have had to juggle classwork and training/playing for 4 years now, so I am not worried about maintaining that balance.
Unlike high school, I can adjust my schedule so that during season my course load will be more manageable with the large time commitments Soccer will require.
Colege Life

What is the path to becoming a Soccer Coach?

I have done a lot of research into USSF coaching certifications and what is required as I advance through them.
Starting off, it is just a simple online certification, and then I just need to coach (at any level) for some experience.
After the first license (Grassroots), there is a progression of licenses with USSF that I hope to move through until I can get a Pro level license at some point in the future.

Current life plans

Associates Degree In Psychology

After Casper College, I would love to continue to play soccer at a 4 year school and continue my degree.

Bachelors Degree in Sports Psychology

If playing after Casper College is not an option, then I most likely will continue at UW. This is still a ways off so I have time to look into other schools and how they would fit my degree needs before I have to make that decision.

Get Certified as a soccer Coach

Right now I am just focused on playing, learning from the Coaches, and being part of the program to learn how a high level head coach and staff operate. This should give me a good look into where my focus needs to be after school to get where I want to go.

On to bigger and better things!

Thank you for sharing this special day with me. No one knows what the future will bring, but I know I will tackle it head on and do my best to make my parents, family, and friends proud.
to a bigger better future

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